Bombes de Table Party Pop & Fiesta

Party Pop & Fiesta Table Bombs

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The XXL Table Bomb is the essential element to add joy and surprises to every festive table. With its wacky strobe effect, it brings a festive and playful atmosphere to any celebration. This large-sized tabletop bomb contains a multitude of surprises, from streamers to colorful baubles, to brighten up your event. It is perfect for all festive occasions, whether it's a birthday, a wedding or New Year's Eve. The dimensions of the table bomb are 26 x Ø 10 cm, making it a practical and fun choice to liven up your party tables.



After making the XXL table bomb a best seller, here are some new features. The PARTY POP® and PARTY FIESTA® table bomb duo from the Pyragric brand is the must-have festive accessory to liven up your evenings and celebrations. These tabletop bombs are filled with various gadgets and surprises to guarantee a moment of joy and sharing with friends or family.

Main features

  • Models: PARTY POP® and PARTY FIESTA®
  • Contents: Decorated Wolves, Pairs of Glasses, False Noses, Balloons, and More

Product Benefits

  • Festive atmosphere: Instantly create a party atmosphere with an explosion of surprises.
  • Variety of Gadgets: Each bomb contains a selection of gadgets to entertain young and old alike.
  • Easy to Use: Simply pull the string to release the surprises and start the party.
  • Quality Pyragric: Take advantage of the quality and reliability of the Pyragric brand, a specialist in party supplies.

Ideal for all kinds of parties and celebrations, the PARTY POP® and PARTY FIESTA® table bomb duo is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your events. Whether it's for a birthday, wedding, New Year's Eve or any other gathering, these table bombs will bring smiles and laughter to your guests.

The PARTY POP® and PARTY FIESTA® table bombs are designed to be used safely. Follow the instructions on the packaging and make sure each user follows the guidelines for a fun and risk-free experience.

Shop now at and add a touch of magic to your next party with the PARTY POP® and PARTY FIESTA® table bomb duo. Order now and benefit from the quality and originality of Pyragric products at competitive prices. Get ready for unforgettable moments with these table bombs full of surprises!

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