Fusées Le Tigre - Vega

Tiger Rockets - Vega

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Light up your celebrations with the 6 VEGA® Rockets, offering a breathtaking pyrotechnic show with sparkling silver comets and a multicolored bouquet. Perfect for any occasion, these rockets promise you an unforgettable show that rises up to 15 meters into the sky. Buy now on petard-artifice.com, to make your event memorable at an affordable price.

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VEGA® Rockets: An Incomparable Light Show for Your Celebrations

Discover the dazzling charm of VEGA® Rockets, the perfect choice to make your special events unforgettable. These fireworks display provides an exceptional visual spectacle, lighting up the sky with a myriad of shimmering colors. The set of 6 rockets promises to project silver comets and a multicolored bouquet up to 15 meters high, ideal for parties, weddings, birthdays or any other large event.

VEGA® Rockets are known for their incredible brilliance and variety of colors. They project shimmering silver comets whistling across the sky, followed by an impressive multicolored bouquet. Whether it's for a festive evening, a birthday, a wedding or any other event, VEGA® rockets are the perfect choice to add a magical touch to your celebration.

By choosing VEGA® Rockets, you are opting for a high-quality fireworks show, perfect for adding a magical dimension to your evening. These rockets, combined with the Zinnia 4 rockets from the previous bag, will create an even more spectacular and diverse experience.

  • Bright & Colorful Show: An unforgettable fireworks display for all your events.
  • Safe Use: Complies with European standards for confident use.
  • Easy to Use: Ready to use for an instant and spectacular show.
  • Versatility: Ideal for a variety of festive occasions.
  • Exceptional Quality: Reliable and high-performance products from the brand Pyragric.
  • Dimensions : 41 x ø 1.5 cm
  • Shooting height: 15 m

Don't miss the opportunity to treat your guests to an unforgettable light show. The VEGA® Rockets, with their silver sheen and bouquet of colors, guarantee a moment of celebration that you will remember for a long time. Order now on petard-artifice.com and make your event an exceptional one!

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The Tiger