Bag of 16 Glory Night Rockets

Bag of 16 Glory Night Rockets

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Weco Glory Night, an assortment of 16 rockets for extraordinary fireworks. A Firecracker-Fireworks discovery selected for you for the quality of these fireworks. Even if the fireworks are easy to use, they should be handled by adults. A pyrotechnic show for everyone, magnificent effects that will not leave your audience indifferent.

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Bag of 16 Glory Night Rockets

Designed and manufactured by Weco, one of Europe's pioneers in pyrotechnics, the Glory Night fireworks are a mix of the brand's best rockets. The package consists of:

  • 5 Rainbow Rockets (Multicolored Spray)
  • 4 Fury Rockets (White Sonic Blast)
  • 2 Mighty rockets (blue flashes and crackles)
  • 5 Silver Cloud Rockets (Flashing Spark Cloud)

Something to please your friends and family on hot summer nights. A grandiose show that will amaze young and old alike. Glory Night rockets are semi-pro outdoor fireworks. Please keep a safe distance of at least 25 metres. Place the rocket individually in the launch tube provided in this pack, light the wick at its end and move away as quickly as possible. Enjoy a fireworks display worthy of national holidays at a price that everyone can afford.

Light up the sky with multiple colors, be the conductor of your fireworks display imagined by Weco's pyrotechnic engineers, and let yourself be bewitched by the crackling of its 16 Glory Night rockets. And to make your nights magical, pair this assortment of fireworks with the Zinnia 4 Rockets. You are ready to become the King of the Night.


Glory Night Rocket Safety Guidelines

Be sure to follow the instructions on the Glory Night Rockets package. All fireworks offered for sale on comply with the CE standard. Please keep a safe distance of 8 metres between you and the site of the explosion. Do not use firecrackers near flammable materials.


For orders in France, you may be required to provide proof of identity for the purchase of this product. All the information here. If you do not agree, please do not order this product.

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