Feu d'artifice Petit Palais

Fireworks at the Petit Palais

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The compact LE PETIT PALAIS : a pyrotechnic experience inspired by the Champs-Élysées with 47 shots of red and blue comets, and white crackling peonies. Caliber 20 mm, category F2, duration of 55 seconds, 224 grams of active ingredient, and a height of 30 meters. Perfect for lighting up your evenings, available on firecrackers and fireworks

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Embark on a spectacular journey with the compact "LE PETIT PALAIS",® a dazzling piece from our collection inspired by the elegance and charm of the Champs-Élysées. This pyrotechnic combination is an ode to the splendor of Paris' most famous avenue. The Petit Palais belongs to the Champs Elysées range, sumptuous cheap fireworks, like the bag of 36 Connaisseur fireworks.

The "PETIT PALAIS"® unveils an assortment of comets in red and blue, as well as white crackling peonies, creating a celestial array of colors and sounds. With a caliber of 20 mm, it promises precision and clarity in every shot, lighting up the sky from a height of 30 meters.

  • Colorful Palette: A mix of red and blue comets, accompanied by white crackling peonies.
  • Impressive Volume: 47 shots for a long and captivating show.
  • Optimal duration: A 55-second performance for complete immersion.
  • Majestic Height: The effects rise up to 30 meters, providing spectacular visibility.
  • Quality & Safety: Grade F2 for confident use, with 224 grams of active ingredient.

The compact "LE PETIT PALAIS"® is an invitation to celebrate with grandeur and elegance. Available on petard-artifice.com, it is ideal for adding a touch of Parisian magic to your evenings. Experience an unforgettable moment under the sign of beauty and pyrotechnic poetry.

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Active Ingredient
from 200 to 300 grams
Sales Register
19/20 mm
40/50 Shots

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