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Gravitron Fireworks

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The GRAVITRON Fireworks Battery : An 83-fire display with a variety of effects, including multicolored comets, silver ascents, whistles, and emerald green stars. Enjoy a 45-second show that reaches a height of 50 meters. With a caliber of 15 mm and an active mass of 0.156 kg, "GRAVITRON" is the guarantee of a spectacular moment. Available on petard-artifice.com.

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"GRAVITRON" Battery - 83 Shots for a Majestic Fireworks Show

Ignite the firmament with the GRAVITRON battery, a marvel of modern pyrotechnics. With its 83 starts, it promises a show rich in colour and emotion, perfect for lighting up the skies with your festivities.

The compact GRAVITRON fireworks display impresses with its multicoloured comets with silvery ascents, which trace paths of light in the night. Followed by crackling comet tails and a chorus of shrill whistles, they give way to bouquets of emerald green stars. Each effect is meticulously orchestrated to create a 45-second aerial ballet, culminating at an altitude of 50 meters. It quickly became a best-seller of fireworks, alongside the compact Odyssey.

  • Fireworks with rich effects: Luminous comets, crackling tails, whistles and emerald green stars make up this tableau vivant.
  • High Performance: With an impressive effect height of 50 meters, the "GRAVITRON" is visible from afar, for everyone's enjoyment.
  • Optimal Duration: 45 seconds of pure wonder, the perfect time to captivate without getting bored.
  • Precise Caliber: A 15-millimeter caliber guarantees sharp shots and controlled dispersion of effects.
  • Substantial Active Mass: With 0.156 kg of active ingredient, it offers a generous and intense show.

The compact GRAVITRON is a go-to choice for those looking to make a memorable mark on an event. This fireworks display is synonymous with quality, safety and satisfaction. Let yourself be carried away by a demonstration of strength and beauty, and make your evenings unforgettable.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
from 100 to 200 grams
Sales Register
14/16 mm
80/100 hits

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