Ardist Fireworks - Pop Art

Ardist Fireworks - Pop Art

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The Ardist, the range of compact fireworks that revisits the greatest artistic movements with colourful and intense combinations. The Pop Art template with its Gold Vets and Blue effects will delight your audience. 19 25mm gauge devisions to impress your friends at party nights. A compact must-have that is already one of the best sellers on Petard & Artifice.

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POP ART® Compact: Transform the Sky into a Canvas of Art

The POP® ART Compact, part of's acclaimed The Ardist range, is a celebration of the visual arts transformed into a fireworks show. Make your evening a memorable event, by becoming the artist of the sky with this exceptional fireworks display.

With its 19 25mm caliber starts, the POP ART® offers an array of shimmering colors and dazzling effects, paying homage to classic art movements such as music and painting. This artifice, with its combination of gold, green and blue colors, will bring a creative and original dimension to your celebrations.

Not only does this compact pyrotechnic revisit art brilliantly, but it has also become a bestseller on, recognized for its quality and ability to captivate all audiences. If you're looking to impress your friends on a festive evening, or give your events an artistic sparkle, POP ART® is the perfect choice.

  • 19 powerful shots for an unforgettable light show.
  • Colourful combinations inspired by the major artistic movements.
  • Easy to install and use for maximum effect.
  • Perfect for any celebration, from weddings to outdoor parties.
  • Active ingredient: 130 grams

Make your evening a pyrotechnic masterpiece with the Compact POP ART®. Order now on and get ready to enchant your guests with a veritable explosion of art in the sky.

And to continue this artistic momentum, also discover the rest of The Ardist's range, such as the compact Street Art, which promises such a vibrant and colorful show. Or switch up your style with the huge Showbox Sensation fireworks display.

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Active Ingredient
from 100 to 200 grams
Sales Register
21/25 mm
10 Shots

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