Compact Baby Power

Compact Baby Power

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Discover the COMPACT BABY POWER® Sky Designer : a powerful pyrotechnic show in the F2 category. Inspired by the ultra-intense Showbox range, this fireworks display offers 21 breathtaking shots over a height of 30 meters. Exclusive

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Become a real pyrotechnician with the Sky Designer® Baby Power. Designed to put on a stunning show, this fireworks display is inspired by our renowned range of ultra-intense Showbox Sky Designer automatic lights.

This F2-grade marvel has an impressive caliber of 20 mm and is capable of delivering 21 intense shots in the space of 20 seconds, lighting up the sky to a dizzying height of 30 meters. With no less than 142.8 grams of powder, this compact is the very definition of concentrated power.

Practical and powerful, the Compact Baby Power® is perfect for all your events. Don't miss the opportunity to make every moment a memorable celebration. And to continue the show, offer your guests Weco's Gravity fireworks.

Advantages of the COMPACT BABY POWER®:

  • Guaranteed performance with a throw height of up to 30 meters.
  • 20 mm gauge for pyrotechnic effects visible from a distance.
  • Ready to use with a single ignition for a continuous show.
  • Optimized duration to keep your guests' attention throughout the performance.
  • Secure design meets stringent Category F2 standards.

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Data sheet

Active Ingredient
from 100 to 200 grams
Sales Register
19/20 mm
Sky Designer
20/25 Shots

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