Pétards Le Tigre 400 coups

Firecrackers The Tiger 400 Shots

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With the Le Tigre 400 Firecracker Chain, enjoy an exceptional pyrotechnic experience. Powerful machine gun and sound effects for guaranteed entertainment at a price accessible to all.


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The Tiger 400 Shots Firecracker Chain - The Mighty Firecracker Show

Enter the world of noisy firecrackers with the Le Tigre 400 Coups Firecracker Chain, a popular choice for lovers of fireworks and powerful sound effects. This impressive assortment of firecrackers offers a dazzling pyrotechnic experience, ideal for creating an unforgettable festive atmosphere.

Affordable and of high quality, the Le Tigre 400 Firecracker Chain is a must-have choice for those looking for a cheap but effective artifice . It not only guarantees exceptional moments of entertainment, but also evokes the nostalgia of childhood celebrations with its memorable detonations. This is undoubtedly one of the best firecrackers available on the market for maximum effect.

By choosing the Le Tigre 400 coups firecracker chain, you ensure a dynamic and noisy atmosphere for all your occasions. Whether it's to impress your friends or just to enjoy a good time, this choice turns out to be perfect. And don't forget to visit Petard-Artifice.com to check out other firecrackers like the mighty Corsair 4, renowned for its loud noise and spectacular effects.

  • Imposing Submachine Gun Effects: Unforgettable sound and visual spectacle for every event.
  • Affordable Price: Premium quality available to all, making these firecrackers affordable.
  • Guaranteed Fun: Perfect for lovers of loud firecrackers and joyful moments.
  • German Quality: Meticulous workmanship in accordance with European safety standards.
  • Versatile Choice: Ideal for all celebrations, from family celebrations to large public events.

Get the Chaîne de 400 Pétards Le Tigre now on Petard-Artifice.com for a pyrotechnic festival at a low price, guaranteeing a lively and unforgettable evening.

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Active Ingredient
50 to 70 grams
Package of
1 piece
Sales Register
6 mm
The Tiger