Pétards Corsaire 2

Corsair Firecrackers 2

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The Corsair 2 firecrackers provide an explosive atmosphere perfect for any event. Easy to use and compliant with safety standards, these powerful firecrackers ensure a pyrotechnic experience that is both safe and spectacular. Get ready for unforgettable entertainment!


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Corsair 2 - Bag of 4 Firecrackers for an Explosive Atmosphere

Discover the Corsair 2, a bag of 4 firecrackers designed to enrich your festive moments with an explosive touch. Whether outdoors on a field, a garden or a beach, the Corsaire 2 will test the acoustic limits of the environment with their thud and popping noise. Their high-quality German design ensures a memorable and flawless pyrotechnic experience. Their moisture-resistant wick promises reliable and safe ignition, even in the harshest conditions.

The length of the Corsair 2 wick has been carefully considered to give you time to safely move away after ignition. Inside the cylinder, the charge of gunpowder waits patiently to release its gleeful explosion, similar to that of a stick of dynamite. These cheap firecrackers are perfect for enlivening any type of event, public or private, from the celebration of a sports victory to a birthday or wedding party, making them the best firecracker for your festivities.

  • Top Quality Made in Germany: Reliability and performance ensured by German manufacturing.
  • Secure Design: Wick designed for easy and safe use.
  • Unique Sound Experience: Thud and dry noise suitable for various outdoor environments.
  • Perfect for All Occasions: Ideal for enlivening your events with panache and originality.
  • Compliance with Standards: Complying with the CE standard for worry-free use.

And for those looking to amp up their pyrotechnic experience, check out our Demon Slim firecrackers, another explosive option to make even more noise at your celebrations. Whether it's with Corsair 2 or Corsair 4, be ready to light up your evenings with memorable sparkles.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
6 to 8 grams
Package of
4 rooms
Sales Register
19/20 mm