Pétards Méga Demon

Mega Demon Firecrackers

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Mega Demon are the ideal firecrackers for an explosive and memorable atmosphere. Enjoy a breathtaking show at an affordable price for all your nightly festivities.


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Mega Demon - Spectacular Firecrackers to Light Up Your Parties

Get ready for explosive evenings with the Mega Demons, firecrackers with devilish power and affordable prices. These cheap firecrackers are perfect for enlivening your nightly celebrations, especially on Midsummer's Eve, or any other beautiful summer evening. With their Flash composition, these firecrackers are designed for outdoor use, promising a dazzling show in the night sky.

Each firecracker in the Mega Demon range transforms an ordinary evening into a memorable one. They are ideal for gathering family and friends, providing a captivating and safe pyrotechnic experience. Just make sure everyone is keeping the recommended safety distance of 25 meters and get ready to light up the night by lighting the fuse of the Mega Demon firecrackers.

These firecrackers offer much more than just entertainment; They create lasting memories for all who attend. Remember to replenish your stock before each event, as their popularity quickly makes them indispensable during any nighttime festivities.

  • Power & Safety: CE certified, the Mega Demon guarantee a safe and sensational show.
  • Unforgettable Experience: Ideal for dazzling your guests and making an impression.
  • Accessibility: Efficient firecrackers at a price that suits all budgets.
  • Outdoor Use: Perfect for outdoor evenings and summer celebrations.
  • Ease of Use: Simple to turn on for an immediate dramatic result.

Don't miss the opportunity to transform your evenings with the Mega Demons. Order yours today on petard-artifice.com and get ready for an unprecedented pyrotechnic experience! And if you're a specialist in burst explosions, don't forget the The Tiger 400 Shot Firecracker Chain for your SMG effects.

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Active Ingredient
14 to 16 grams
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4 rooms
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19/20 mm