Pétards Le Tigre U2

Firecrackers The Tiger U2

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The Tiger offers absolutely stunning U2 firecrackers with wicks at an unbeatable price. Le Tigre U2 firecrackers guarantee a safe and enjoyable time, with a deafening noise and a loud bang. The 50 U2 firecrackers are of exceptional quality, offering great value for more dynamic and fun parties. Safety instructions must be followed when using these firecrackers and it is recommended to use them away from people and flammable materials


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Firecracker U2 - The Tiger: The Fury of the Party

Immerse yourself in the festive world with the set of 50 U2 Firecrackers - The Tiger, the epitome of fun and brilliance offered by the reference brand in firecrackers. These firecrackers, with their unique and attractive design, promise an unforgettable experience for party lovers, whether regular or occasional.

Perfect for a lively evening with friends or family, the U2 - Le Tigre firecrackers guarantee explosive and safe entertainment. Their deafening noise and the quality of their detonation, despite their small size, evoke the intensity of a real bomb, offering an exceptional sound show. These firecrackers are ideal for spectacularly marking all your festive events.

The quality and unbeatable value for money of these 50 U2 firecrackers make them a must-have choice for dynamic and fun celebrations. Their power, worthy of a tiger on the hunt, promises moments of intense joy and excitement.

And for those looking for a perfect complementarity, pair your U2 firecrackers with the powerful Demon XX Large firecrackers for an even more thunderous atmosphere. A loud and successful party awaits you with these pyrotechnic accomplices!

  • Mind-blowing explosions: Firecrackers that reproduce the sound of a bomb with surprising accuracy.
  • Unique & Attractive Design: A look that seduces and adds an aesthetic touch to your festivities.
  • For All Types of Celebrations: Ideal for evenings with friends or family celebrations.
  • Exceptional Quality: Unrivalled value for hours of fun.
  • Dynamic Duo: Perfectly complemented with Demon Machine Gun firecrackers for a memorable party.

Adopt the U2 Firecrackers - Le Tigre for your next celebration and experience an extraordinary festive atmosphere. Available on petard-artifice.com, they are ready to set your evenings on fire!

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
2 to 4 grams
Package of
50 pieces
Sales Register
6 mm
The Tiger