Pétards Bison 2

Bison Firecrackers 2

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TheBison 2 wick pod has no need to be introduced. This "big" firecracker is well known to all amateur pyrotechnicians who want to achieve an explosive atmosphere during their parties. Bison 2, like the other firecrackers in the Le Tigre range, contains an explosive concentrate and is fast burning.


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Firecracker The Tiger - Bison 2: A Classic for Your Holidays | Pyragric

After playing with the Super Bison1 firecracker, check out the Le Tigre - Bison 2 firecracker, one of the best firecrackers on the market! Powerful and affordable, it's ideal for impressing your loved ones on special occasions like July 14, New Year's Eve or a wedding. Easy to use, it is suitable for both amateurs and professionals. Each firecracker contains 1.5g of active ingredient for an incredible sound effect.

Manufactured by Pyragric, a leader in the pyrotechnics business since 1965, all firecrackers in the Tigre Bison range are tested and approved. Check out our range of fireworks to make your events unforgettable at attractive prices!

Advantages of Le Tigre Firecracker - Bison 2

  • Impressive power and sound quality
  • Affordable price, ideal for all budgets
  • Ease of use for amateurs and professionals
  • 1.5 g active ingredient for maximum effect
  • Tested and approved by Pyragric, quality guarantee
  • Dimensions: 10 x ø 2.4 cm

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  • Bulk Purchase Discounts to Save More
  • Fast shipping options for a pre-event reception
  • Ability to customize your order to your needs
  • Exceptional customer service for any questions or concerns

For larger events, you can add fireworks and flares to your show. Fireworks offer an incredible show of light and color that will amaze your audience. Flares are also a popular choice for weddings, festivals, and holiday parties.

By combining the Super Bison 1 with the Le Tigre - Bison 2 firecracker, you can create an even more spectacular and memorable experience for your guests. Our pyrotechnics experts are available to help you plan your show and choose the products that best suit your event.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
4 to 6 grams
Package of
4 rooms
Sales Register
21/25 mm