Pétards Bison 1

Bison Firecrackers 1

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In the Le Tigre range, here is the famous Bison 1 firecracker for even more thrills. With the Le tigre Bison 1 firecracker cheap on the number 1 firecracker sales site, exalt your holidays and create a surprise! Its loud bang will cause an explosion of feelings ranging from anguish and euphoria to doubt and excitement.


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Firecracker Bison 1 - The Tiger: The Essence of Explosive Festivities

Rediscover the fun of the holidays with the Bison 1 - Le Tigre firecracker, the ideal pyrotechnic accessory for any festive gathering. These wick firecrackers are known for their impressive sound power, while remaining affordable. Perfect for those looking to brighten up their evenings with a fun and explosive twist, the Bison 1 guarantees a detonation that draws attention and sparks joy.

With its unrivalled performance, the Bison 1 from the Le Tigre range clearly distinguishes itself from other firecracker brands. The success of these firecrackers is the result of exceptional pyrotechnic know-how, with gunpowders carefully prepared for a quick and striking explosion. When you choose the Bison 1, you're opting for a product that not only ensures your entertainment but also your safety.

The Bison 1 firecracker is designed to create a joyful and energetic din, inviting enthusiastic consumption to energize the atmosphere of your events. These easy-to-carry and easy-to-use firecrackers are perfect for bringing a thunderous sound to your outdoor parties, giving everyone a moment of intense fun and laughter.

Don't limit yourself to waiting for a special occasion to enjoy Bison 1 firecrackers. Order them now and be ready for unforgettable moments at any time. With Bison 1 - The Tiger, every event turns into an explosive and memorable celebration.

  • Sound Brilliance: Loud firecrackers for a guaranteed festive atmosphere.
  • Affordable Price: Pyrotechnic pleasure within everyone's reach.
  • Superior Quality: Expertly crafted fireworks for safe use.
  • Perfect for All Occasions: Great for weddings, birthdays, or just for fun.
  • Easy to Use: Easy to light up for a guaranteed effect every time.
  • Dimensions : 7.5 x ø 1.3 cm

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Active Ingredient
4 to 6 grams
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6 pieces
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12/13 mm