Sachet 15 Artifices Master

Bag of 15 Master Artifices

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Bag of 15 Master Artifices from the brand Ardi. A selection of the best products in the same pack, enough to have fun with the family. Fountains, compact fireworks, Roman candles for all beginners or experienced pyrotechnicians.

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Pack of 15 European Master Artifices

After experimenting with the bag of 12 Stary Night rockets, discover the bag of 14 European Master Artifices, designed for those who have mastered the art of pyrotechnics. Including a wide range of fireworks, this pack is an invitation to share fun and unique moments during your celebrations with family or friends.

  • Captivating Variety: The pack contains candles, compacts, fountains, ensuring a rich pyrotechnic experience.
  • Quality Mark: Selected by Ardi experts, these fireworks guarantee quality and safety.
  • For All Occasions: Ideal for pyrotechnic masters, the pack will bring sparkle and magic to all your parties.
  • Safety Assured: Each item complies with safety standards and comes with clear instructions.
  • Diverse Choice: With varied and spectacular effects, this pack adapts to all types of events.

For unforgettable events, the European Master bag is available on It's an opportunity to show off your pyrotechnic skills and create lasting memories.

European Master includes:

  • 3 Palm Tree Gold Intermezzo Single Shot Candles of 25 mm caliber
  • 1 Fireworks display with 7 Compact Solo starts
  • 1 Typhoon Fireworks with 25 departures
  • 1 Multicolored Fountain
  • 1 Silver Fountain
  • 1 Compact Happy 12-Departure Fireworks
  • 2 Candles 10 Strokes
  • 1 Pandora Fireworks
  • 3 Ignition Sticks

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