Coffret de 21 Artifices Fire Pack

Set of 21 Fireworks Pack

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Fire Pack, an assortment of 21 fireworks for your outdoor shows. Enough to satisfy all your guests and impress them. A box that will brighten up and color your evenings. Select for you by Excellent value for money.

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Coffret Feu d'artifices Weco Fire Pack

Wow your guests with the Fire Pack assortment. Presented in the form of a chest, the Fire Pack is actually a kit that contains the best of fireworks. It contains 21 fireworks to enhance your evenings or outdoor shows. Its excellent value for money makes the Fire Pack assortment a strong ally in the organization of a festive evening and will easily brighten up and color your outdoor evenings. Roman Candles, Compact Fireworks, Fountains: the wide variety of pyrotechnic styles contained in the set allows you to obtain and discover a variety of multicolored and sound effects, for the pleasure of the eyes and ears.

A total of 10 different models are included in the assortment of the Fire Pack Kit. In the pyrotechnic kit, we find bouquets with silver trails and red stars, starry rains, light and sound effects with 5 changes, single sprays and crackling sprays of silver color, swirls with different colored floors, multicolored fountains with whistling sounds, and multicolored comets and sprays. These different styles of fireworks allow you to create your own fireworks show and have control over the firing order, colors, height, and style of the fireworks.

Using a Fire Pack fireworks set means creating your own fireworks, and ensuring a superb light, colorful and sound show for your guests. The different parts of the package can be lit up simultaneously to ensure an explosion of colour and light for a moment, or can be lit separately to keep the fun going. Sold with the ignition ember, its operation and use are easy, and within everyone's reach, and allows you to magnify an evening and impress children and parents alike. Complete this set with fireworks for the youngest, such as the bag of 62 Fan Mix fireworks.

What's in the box:

  • 1 bombette Jolie Berta,
  • 1 Steel Rain launcher,
  • 1 Maxi Turbulence fountain,
  • 2 Vulkan Mini volcanoes,
  • 2 volcanoes Vulkan Midi,
  • 3 Mayan Bumblebees,
  • 2 Domino 1 fountains,
  • 2 turbulence fountains,
  • 4 Fritz Flintstone Fountain,
  • 3 candles, 5 balls.

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Active Ingredient
from 300 to 400 grams
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Prohibited Sale
- 18 years old

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