Phileas the Magus Fireworks

Phileas the Magus Fireworks

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The compact PHILÉAS LE MAGE fireworks display offers an explosive sound experience with 100 dazzling shots! Whistling, whirlwinds, crackling... Everything for a memorable finale! Exclusive to Le Tigre® on


COMPACT PHILÉAS LE MAGE: The Sound Bewitchment

Immerse yourself in a unique pyrotechnic adventure with the compact PHILÉAS LE MAGE. It's not just fireworks; it is an auditory journey orchestrated by a magician, Phileas himself.

Ignition unleashes a ballet of 100 sound strokes where shrill and colorful whistling effects are unleashed. Experience a dazzling mix of whistling swirls and crackling effects that will mark every celebration. Ideal to conclude your show in style, it is specially designed for an impressive and well-sounding FINAL BOUQUET. You will not only see, but also feel the intensity of each explosion. Just like the VIP 200 Semi professional fireworks, intended for large events, this compact is a product proudly presented by the Le Tigre® range, guaranteeing a high-flying pyrotechnic performance.

  • Loudness: An exceptional ballet of 100 sound strokes for an unforgettable experience.
  • Mesmerizing Effects: A symphony of whistles, swirls and crackles for a memorable finale.
  • Security: Classified in category F2, ensuring a spectacular show while respecting safety standards.
  • Le Tigre® Quality: The guarantee of a breathtaking show from a renowned range.
  • Available now: On with unparalleled customer service and express deliveries.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
400 to 500 grams
Sales Register
19/20 mm
The Tiger
80/100 hits

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