Sachet 39 Artifices Expert

Bag of 39 Expert Fireworks

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European Master bag of 39 entertainment fireworks to put luminous glitter in your festive nights. A package composed of rockets, candles, spinning tops for the happiness of older children. Quality fireworks at a nice price on your firecracker and fireworks website.

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Fireworks assortment Ardi European Expert: a captivating fireworks show

The 39-pack of Fireworks Ardi European Expert is the perfect set for pyrotechnics enthusiasts. With a meticulous selection of the best Ardi products, this assortment promises summer nights filled with magic and sparkle. Smoke bombs, rockets, spinning tops... Each piece is designed to dazzle and enchant your audience.

Show off your amateur pyrotechnic skills and treat your loved ones to an exceptional quality show. This pack of 39 pieces (including 2 ignition sticks) brings together all the must-haves for a complete pyrotechnic experience. For even more dramatic effects, pair it with the 30-Effect Roman Candles.

  • Ultimate Pyrotechnic Experience: A variety of fireworks for an impressive show.
  • Quality Ardi: Products selected for their performance and reliability.
  • For Mature Adults: Containing more than 160 grams of active ingredient, to be used under adult supervision.
  • Complete Your Show: Combine with the Power Pro for more intense effects.
  • The Magic of Summer Nights: Ideal for festive evenings and special celebrations.

Composition of the European Master pack

  • 1 Intermezzo fountain
  • 1 Typhoon 25 departures
  • 2 candles Ardi 10 effects
  • 2 candles Ardi 20 effects
  • 12 Flying Firecracker Rockets
  • 1 Crescendo Fountain
  • 2 multi-coloured fountains
  • 2 silver fountains
  • 1 sun Ardi 3 jets
  • 4 Spinning Top
  • 1 10-shot candle
  • 8 rockets
  • 2 ignition sticks

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
from 100 to 200 grams
Sales Register
Prohibited Sale
- 18 years old

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