Sachet 27 Artifices Junior Mix

Bag of 27 Pyrotechnics Junior Mix

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Bag of 27 cheap fireworks for young and old children, to light up the nights of your festive evenings. A pyrotechnic show within everyone's reach, to easily pull off a night show. The Junior Mix fireworks pack was developed in France.

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Junior Mix Assortment - 27 Playful Toys | Pyragric

The Junior Mix Fireworks Assortment is the ultimate treasure box for anyone with a child's soul who is looking to brighten up their party evenings. Created in France by Pyragric, this fireworks bag includes 27 pieces, including candles, a volcano, rockets, flying tourbillons and a compact camera. It is the essential fireworks pack to offer a breathtaking sound and light show, guaranteed to delight young and old alike.

Features of the Junior Mix:

  • Brand: Pyragric
  • Quantity: 27 fireworks
  • Content: Candles, volcano, rockets, flying swirls, compact
  • Origin: Created in France

Advantages of the Junior Mix

  • Playful Variety: A wide range of artifices to captivate attention and amaze spectators of all ages.
  • Sound and Light Show: Enjoy a stunning show that combines visual and sound effects for a memorable experience.
  • Unbeatable value for money: Treat yourself to an assortment of cheap fireworks of superior quality at a price that will delight dads and their children.
  • Security: Designed with safety in mind, but important reminder not to let children use fireworks without adult supervision.

For all your festive evenings

Whether it's for a birthday, a family celebration or any other nocturnal celebration, the Junior Mix Assortment is, like its little brother the Micro Mix fireworks bag, perfect for adding a touch of magic to your evening. With its 27 varied fireworks, tonight you will be the king of the party, creating unforgettable memories for you and your guests. Safety is our top priority. Although the Junior Mix Assortment is designed for everyone's enjoyment, it is crucial to follow the instructions for use and never let children handle the fireworks without the attentive presence of an adult.

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