Big Clac Doigt

Big Clack Finger

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Check out the "Big Finger Clac", a bigger and even more fun version of the famous "Finger Clac". This F1 category game is safe and friendly for the whole family from 12 years old. Perfect for any event or celebration, the "Big Clac Finger" will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Order them now and find out why the "Big Clac Finger" is the ultimate party game that everyone will love!

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Big Clac Doigt: The Next Generation of Clac Doigt for Guaranteed Fun

Discover the Big Clac Doigt, the improved version of the traditional Clac Doigt. These surprising, bigger and more powerful new features promise to revolutionize your entertainment moments. With twice the intense effects, these Big Clac Fingers are perfect for doubling the fun at your parties or events. Each throw on the ground produces a playful explosion that will brighten up your evening and surprise your friends.

Suitable for everyone from 12 years old, the Big Clac Doigt, classified in the F1 category, are safe recreational games that are suitable for the whole family. They're great for adding a touch of excitement to any event, whether it's a birthday, holiday party, pajama party, or even a festival. Bring up these little pyrotechnic entertainments and watch your event turn into an unforgettable experience.

Prepare for addiction! Once you start playing with the Big Clac Finger, it's hard to stop. Order now on and incorporate these explosive amusements into your next event. For an even more varied experience, and for the older ones this time, discover our French Bay fireworks, the perfect complement to any type of celebration.

  • Increased Fun: Bigger and more powerful for maximum fun.
  • For All Ages: Ideal for users 12 years and older.
  • Safe Recreational Play: Meets safety standards for safe use.
  • Perfect for Any Celebration: An explosive addition to any type of event.
  • Addictive & Fun: Guaranteed to become the highlight of your party.
  • Dimensions: 19 x 20 x 12.6 cm

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