Pétards Demon X Large x 4

Demon X Large Firecrackers

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Pack of 4 firecrackers. The Demon X Large, also known as "the little fat one", is the gold standard when it comes to powerful firecrackers. With a unique design and a phenomenal blast, these firecrackers are perfect for those looking for the ultimate thrill in their celebrations.


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Demon X Large - "The Little Fat" for Monumental Explosions

Enter the legend with the Demon X Large, powerful firecrackers that combine a unique design with unmatched power. These firecrackers, also known as "the little big one" because of their distinctive shape, are not only cheap firecrackers, but are also masterpieces of pyrotechnics, offering incredible value for money. Fans of firecrackers and fireworks will be dazzled by these explosives that have quickly become a must-have for any celebration.

The Demon X Large delivers an explosion of astonishing power. Its blast is so loud that it can easily demolish a tin can, demonstrating why it is considered one of the best firecrackers on the market. Designed for thrill seekers, these cheap fireworks guarantee memorable moments, marked by spectacular sounds and lights.

  • A Unique Design: Nicknamed "the little fat one", it stands out for its original shape that hides an inordinate amount of power.
  • Large-Scale Explosions: Get ready for impressive detonations and powerful blasts.
  • Made in France Quality: Produced by ARDI, these firecrackers meet all French and European safety standards.
  • Strict Safety Instructions: Be sure to follow the instructions for safe use.
  • Perfect for Any Event: Great for outdoor parties, special celebrations, or just for the fun of making some noise!

If you're looking for an even more advanced pyrotechnic experience, don't hesitate to check out our Corsair 3, another gem in our collection. Whether it's with Demon X Large or Corsair 3, get ready to experience unforgettable moments!

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
6 to 8 grams
Package of
6 pieces
Sales Register
30/34 mm