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Fireworks - Sun 3 Jets

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You are all familiar with this artifice. Here it is again in an even brighter version. Developed by Ardi, the Sun will rotate on its axis to dazzle the eyes of your friends with its multicolored star effects. Offered at a low price, the Soleil Ardiis a guaranteed return to childhood. With its 3 jets, it whirls for 45 seconds. Fix it, turn it on and contemplate...

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"Artifice Saltimbanque Soleil 3 Jets" - Brighten up your celebrations

Discover the cheap fireworks "SOLEIL 3 JETS", a pyrotechnic creation designed to dazzle and amuse. These unique artifices will surprise you with their intense effects and vibrant colors. Fix the Sun vertically, follow the instructions for use and prepare to be amazed by a show of rotation and light, propelled by its 3 powerful jets.

Main Features of the Sun 3 Jets -Ardi

  • Belongings: Intense rotation, propelled by 3 jets
  • Colours: Vibrant show of colour
  • Usage: Easy to use, with instructions included

Advantages of the Sun 3 Jets

  • Impressive Visual Spectacle: Enjoy a true spinning sun, illuminating your space with vibrant colors.
  • Ease of Use: With a clear instruction manual, even apprentice pyrotechnicians can create a stunning spectacle.
  • Versatility: Perfect for a multitude of occasions, from national holidays to carnivals and traditional celebrations.

Whether it's for the national holiday on July 14th, St. John's Day, carnivals such as Mardi Gras, or the Chinese New Year, the "SOLEIL 3 JETS" acrobatic fireworks are the ideal choice to add a touch of magic and color. Apprentice artificers, get your sparks flying! Don't miss the opportunity to light up your evenings and surprise your guests with these spectacular fireworks. The Sun is the perfect complement to the cheap Cyclamen rockets


Safety is our priority. Please follow the instructions carefully to ensure a safe and memorable show. Always keep a safe distance and make sure the use of this product complies with local regulations.

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