Boite de 50 PetSec

Box of 50 PetSec

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The box of 50 PetSec firecrackers for young and old. Throw it on the floor, walk on it, throw it on the walls: You don't need a lighter to explode the Pet Sec firecracker, the cheapest little firecracker of all.

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PetSec® Firecrackers - The Safe Tradition for Apprentice Artificers | ARDI

ARDI's PetSec® firecrackers are a revolution in the world of fireworks, allowing those over 12 years old to shoot their own show safely. This range specially adapted for teenagers offers multiple effects for a fun and risk-free pyrotechnic experience. With 50 firecrackers in each box, get ready to share moments of joy with your kids and relive memories of your own childhood. Perfect for unforgettable family moments. And while the little ones are having fun, the adults will be able to marvel with the 10-effect Cheap Roman Candles.

Features PetSec® Firecrackers

  • Quantity: 50 firecrackers per box
  • Usage: Throw to the ground or against a wall to activate
  • Security: Designed for children over 12 years old, without the need for lighters or matches

Product Benefits

  • Safety for Minors: Allows teens over the age of 12 to enjoy their own fireworks display safely.
  • Ease of Use: Easy to activate by throwing the firecracker, ideal for apprentice pyrotechnicians.
  • Tradition and Nostalgia: The fabulous PetSec firecracker of our childhood is back for the pleasure of the new generations.
  • Safe: A device designed to explode without flame, guaranteeing safe use.

The PetSec® firecracker is perfect for introducing your children to the joy of fireworks. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce your children to the simple and safe pleasures of traditional firecrackers. Although PetSec® firecrackers are designed to be safe to use, it is important to use them according to the instructions and not to dispose of them near animals or in a way that scares the elderly. Always supervise minors when using these devices.

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Experience safe tradition with ARDI's PetSec® Firecrackers. Order now from your favorite online store and get ready to create lasting memories with your kids. PetSec® Firecrackers are more than just fireworks, it's a legacy of joy and safety for generations to come.

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