Pétards Giga Demon

Giga Demon Firecrackers

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The Giga Demon of ARDI, in a set of 3, offer exceptional power for memorable parties. An ideal choice for pyrotechnics connoisseurs and thrill seekers.


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Giga Demon - The Trio of Firecrackers for an Explosion of Sensations

Get ready for explosive moments with the Giga Demon of ARDI, a set of 3 firecrackers known for their phenomenal power. These powerful firecrackers are the go-to choice for pyrotechnics connoisseurs, offering an unparalleled sound experience thanks to their charge of 4.5 grams of active ingredient per firecracker. Ideal for those looking for thrills and grandiose sound effects.

Classified in category F3, these firecrackers are intended for an informed public and must be handled with care. Keeping a safe distance of 25 metres is essential to ensure a safe and spectacular experience. The Giga Demons, perfect for special events, will turn every celebration into a memorable spectacle.

This set of cheap firecrackers promises you not only exceptional sound performance but also an unforgettable pyrotechnic experience. Enrich your festivities by discovering the wide range of DÉMON® ARDI firecrackers, for varied effects and a guaranteed atmosphere with each use. Even louder than the already hyper-powerful Mega Demon firecracker.

  • Category F3 for More Power: Intended for experienced users for an intense sound effect.
  • Compliance with Safety Standards: Follow the instructions for a quiet use.
  • Maximized Sound Experience: Perfect for big celebrations or special moments.
  • Quality ARDI Guarantee: Trust the expertise of ARDI for high-quality firecrackers.
  • Entertainment Guaranteed: Ideal for a lively evening and unforgettable memories.

Order your Giga Demon bundle now on petard-artifice.com and get ready for a dazzling celebration where every explosion becomes a special moment.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
40 to 50 grams
Package of
3 rooms
Sales Register
30/34 mm