Pétards Corsaire 1 x8

Corsair Firecrackers 1 x6

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The CORSAIRE N°1, with its 6 powerful and economical firecrackers, is the preferred choice for pyrotechnics enthusiasts looking for quality and safety. Every firecracker is a promise of an intense sound show, perfect for memorable celebrations. Get ready for an exceptional pyrotechnic experience!


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CORSAIR N°1 - The Pack of 6 Firecrackers: An Ode to Pyrotechnics

Embark on a unique pyrotechnic adventure with the CORSAIRE N°1, the ideal choice for enthusiasts looking for big detonations and a memorable experience. This pack of 6 firecrackers, both powerful and economical, is a true celebration of fireworks traditions, offering the best of pyrotechnics for moments that are as intense as they are unforgettable.

The CORSAIRE N°1 pack, meticulously designed for connoisseurs, includes firecrackers with precise dimensions and diameters - 75 mm in length and 11 mm in diameter, ensuring controlled use and optimal performance. With 6 grams of active ingredient per pack, these firecrackers guarantee a rich and satisfying sound effect, propelling the mood of your celebrations to new heights. And for the youngest pyrotechnicians, the small Déto Crack firecrackers are available on firecracker & fireworks at the best prices

  • Main Features: Firecrackers of carefully calibrated dimensions and diameters for perfect control.
  • Suitable Capacity: A total of 6 grams of active ingredient per pack for a powerful sound effect.
  • Safe Entertainment: Classified in category F2, they guarantee safe and responsible use.
  • Powerful Firecrackers: Each firecracker, with about 0.8 grams of active content, creates impressive detonations.
  • Ideal for Open Spaces: Designed for optimal use in large spaces, ensuring safety and freedom.
  • Responsible Use: Use reserved for adults 18 years of age and older, reinforcing the importance of caution in the handling of pyrotechnic products.

The experience offered by the CORSAIRE N°1 firecrackers is unrivalled in terms of pyrotechnics. Perfect for brightening up parties and celebrations, or immersing yourself in the joy of fireworks, these firecrackers bring a unique explosive touch to all your events. However, safety is paramount: we remind you of the importance of carefully reading the instructions provided and scrupulously adhering to local regulations regarding the use of fireworks.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
6 to 8 grams
Package of
6 pieces
Sales Register
10/11 mm