Tornad Djinn

Tornad Djinn

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Discover the Tornad Djinn fireworks, a ground-spinning fireworks with green and red crackling effects for a memorable family party. This bag of 4 fireworks is sold at the best price on, the reference in the sale of fireworks in France. Ideal for children, Tornad Djinn is a friendly and safe firecracker game for everyone. Add a touch of fun and magic to your parties.

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Tornad Djinn: A Swirling and Colorful Fireworks

Discover the Tornad Djinn, a floor-spinning firework with crackling green and red effects, ideal for brightening up your parties. After the success of the Nitro Balls, the Tornad Djinn offers a pyrotechnic experience on the ground, available in a bag of 4 fireworks. Buy it now on to enjoy quality entertainment at an affordable price.

Tornad Djinn is a safe and user-friendly firecracker game that's perfect for kids and adults alike. For safe use, observe the safety rules: use them on dry, unobstructed ground and avoid areas close to people or fragile objects. With its crackling light effects, the Tornad Djinn will add a festive and magical atmosphere to all your events.

Take advantage of a special offer on, where the Tornad Djinn is offered at an attractive price. Order your bag of 4 fireworks now and get ready for an unforgettable show with family or friends. Also browse our wide range of firecrackers and fireworks to find the perfect product for every occasion.

  • Colorful Entertainment: Crackling green and red effects for a dazzling visual experience.
  • Safety & User-Friendliness: Ideal for families, complying with safety standards for peaceful use.
  • Great Price: Get the Tornad Djinn at an affordable cost, exclusively on
  • Suitable for All: A fun firecracker game for kids and adults alike, adding joy to any celebration.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
8 to 10 grams
Package of
6 pieces
Sales Register
The Tiger
Prohibited Sale
- 12 years old

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