Dragon Fury

Dragon Fury

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Dragon Fury, the box of 3 chains of crackling, dragon tail, horribly noisy. An artifice for young and old, and for all those who like to make noise.

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Dragon Fury from Pyragric

Dragon Fury by Pyragric is a powerful and captivating artifice that promises to turn your event into an unforgettable spectacle. This product from the category F1 contains 3 Dragon Fury, each with an active ingredient of 2.4 grams. Designed to deliver dazzling visual effects, Dragon Fury is an ideal option for those looking for an intense and safe pyrotechnic experience. The Drogon Fury is ideal for Unforgettable Celebrations:

Whether it's for a birthday, a family celebration, or any other special occasion, the Pyragric Dragon Fury will add a spectacular touch to your festivities.

With its power and stunning visual effects, this fireworks display will ideally come as an intro to your Little Big Hector fireworks. It promises to captivate and amaze your guests, creating lasting memories for all.

Characteristics of the Dragon Fury

  • Brand: Pyragric
  • Category: F1
  • Active Ingredient: 2.4 grams per unit
  • Quantity: 3 Dragon Fury per pack
  • Prohibited Sale: Children under 12 years old

Product Benefits:

  • Spectacular Power: The Dragon Fury offers impressive pyrotechnic effects to create a magical and festive atmosphere.
  • Safety Guaranteed: Compliant with safety standards, this fireworks display is suitable for a wide audience while ensuring risk-free use.
  • Ease of Use: Simple to trigger, the Dragon Fury allows everyone to enjoy a fireworks show without complications.
  • Memorable Experience: Turn your event into an unforgettable one with the dazzling visual effects of Dragon Fury.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
6 to 8 grams
Package of
3 rooms
Sales Register
The Tiger
Prohibited Sale
- 12 years old